Parent/Governor Forum

Feedback from the Parent/Governor drop-in morning session held on Wednesday 11th November 2015.

Thank you to all of the parents and carers who attended the drop-in-session on Wednesday 11th November with four of our school governors. The session provided parents with an opportunity to share ideas and views about our school. The informal session was well attended and governors tried to answer parents’ questions and provide feedback about the school’s progress. This was also an opportunity for parents to meet Frank Griffiths a newly elected parent governor who has 2 children at the school. As always, we had a lively and informative discussion covering a number of topics.

The governors reminded parents of the importance of contributing to the St Joseph’s school fund which helps support our school with annual payments from all parents. The money raised is used for resources and general school improvements, so it’s important that all parents and carers support this fund. Payments will now be made on-line through the school accounts, as all Islington schools have all moved to paperless payments. All parents and carers should have received their personal account details before the beginning of term.

The autumn term was very busy for all of the school staff, children and the governors. The regular Governor morning took place this term on Wednesday 14th October. This was an opportunity for the governors to use the new ‘Target Tracker’ data assessment tool, which will allow teaching staff to assess in-year progress of each student and highlights any issues with slow progress and achievement at an early stage, which allows teaching staff to take the necessary action to support each child attain their expected levels of achievement. Previously this data could only be looked at retrospectively at the end of term, which had made it more difficult to ensure that the necessary interventions are put in place early on to support each child.

Governors also attended a ‘Raise on Line’ workshop with teaching staff to look at the schools progress and achievement for all of our children. The academic year of 2014-15 was one of the best years for the school’s overall achievements and in September the school was awarded the prestigious Gold Club Mayoral Award for excellence.

Three parents who attended the meeting discussed fundraising at various events by the PFA. They wanted to know why the PFA could not choose how to spend the money that the PFA members had helped raise for the school. The governors said that they would raise this at the next governors meeting. However, this was really a matter for the Chair of the PFA and the Head teacher to discuss at their regular meetings together. Governors also acknowledged the hard work and commitment of the PFA in continuing to raising money for the school.

Parents recognized the continuing improvements to teaching and learning at the school and were very supportive of the efforts that the staff had made in these improvements. The number of After-school clubs and enrichment activities continues to increase and the time and effort that staff put into these activities, were once again highly praised by parents. These activities cover everything from music events, sports events, plays, and theatre and museum outings etc.

All the parents present said that they were happy with the school and that they felt that their children were very well supported in their learning and other aspects of their development. Other parents said that they found the Parent/Governor forums very informative and welcomed the opportunity to express their own views on how parents can support the school.

On behalf of the governors, we would like to thank all parents and carers for their continued support for the school.

Many Thanks

Eamon Scanlon (Parent Governor), Frank Griffiths (Parent Governor),

Una O’Halloran (Foundation Governor) and Luiz Almeida (Foundation Governor)