St Joseph’s a Passionist School


The Passionists are a Roman Catholic Religious Order founded by St. Paul of the Cross, one of the great saints and mystics of the Catholic Church.

The Passionists serve as preachers, retreat givers, pastors, educators and in many other ministries in the Church.

St. Paul of the Cross wrote the rules of the Congregation in December 1725. Pope Benedict XIII granted Paul the permission to form his congregation and Paul and his brother John Baptist were ordained by the Pope at the same time.

The full canonical title of the congregation is:

The Congregation

of the

Passion Jesus Christ

According to St. Paul of the Cross, the Passionists were founded in order to ‘teach people how to pray’. They achieve this through retreats, missions, spiritual direction and prayer groups.

There are very few schools around the world run by the Passionist Order.

There are 2,179 Passionists in 61 countries led by a superior general who is elected every six years.

Members of the congregation are not allowed to possess land, the congregation can collectively only own the community house and a small piece of land next to it.

St Joseph’s Parish was established a hundred and fifty years ago by the Passionist Congregation, a monastic community whose commitment to preaching and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ continues today.  The School has close links with St Joseph’s Parish community.

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Mission Statement of St Josephs Church

The Parish of St Joseph
is a community of God’s people
centred on the word of God and the Eucharist
where all seek to be loving and caring,
welcoming and forgiving, serving and healing
where the poor can go for help, the lonely for company
and the sorrowing for comfort
where, with fidelity to our own faith and respect for that of others,
we seek the unity for which Christ prayed
where, in a spirit of mission, we seek to promote God’s glory                                                                                         throughout the world
where there is a passion for justice and peace
where, as stewards of creation, we reverence the environment
where Christ is the way and the truth and the life.