Childrens Health and Welfare

We would like to remind you of a service that we are able to offer in the school. This academic year we have a member of the Islington Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) working in school every other Thursday morning from 8:30-12:15. Her name is Claudia Salazar-Fella, and she is a Psychotherapist. Claudia, will be available to meet with parents who may have concerns about their children. The sort of issues that you may be worried about, and that it could be helpful to talk to Claudia about, might include your child’s sleeping or eating difficulties, tantrums, behavioural difficulties, lack of concentration or under achievement. You may be worried that your child seems unhappy or preoccupied and you are unsure what the matter is. Alternatively, the whole family may be struggling with difficult life events such as bereavement, loss, divorce or separation and you may be concerned about how this is affecting your child. If you would like to speak to Claudia, you can go to see Ms Noronha or Mrs Gerardo to ask to make an appointment. If you have worries, but would rather not be seen in school, you can go to your GP and ask for a referral to CAMHS or call them directly on 020 3316 1824.

As part of her role in the school, Claudia will also be available to staff at school for intermittent trainings, or occasionally to think and talk confidentially about any concerns they have about the emotional well-being of children.  Please do contact us if you have any concerns about teachers making use of Claudia to gain a different perspective on their work in classrooms. Otherwise, we very much look forward to working with Claudia over the next academic year.


Minor Illness and School Attendance – A guide for parents/Carers

The Daily Mile

We have joined over 1,000 other primary schools in England and now take part in the Daily Mile! This involves all children and teachers walking, jogging or running a mile every day with their peers in the safety of their own playground. This initiative combines enjoyment and fresh air with building relationships and developing resilience and confidence. Children have already seen their fitness and energy levels improve as well and find easier to focus and concentrate in class.

Healthier Packed Lunches

At St Joseph’s, we believe that our children need to eat well in order to grow, develop and be healthy and active. We know that a healthy, enjoyable lunch gives children the energy and nutrients they need to learn and play at school. This is why we have designed our very own ‘Healthier Packed Lunches for Children’ leaflet. It provides information on how to pack a healthier lunch and follows the government’s packed lunch guidelines. In order to empower our pupils, representatives from our Health & Education department shall be visiting the dining halls on a weekly basis encouraging children to make healthy choices. Click on the link to view the leaflet.